Vector vs Raster/ Bitmap

Clients often come to us with "I have a picture I got from the internet. Can you print this for me?" The answer to that question is often "Yes". To make a successful design, the original artwork will have to be good from the beginning, usually 300 DPI or better as a starting point. The smaller the image quality, the more work the art department will have to do to convert it to the required specifications for printing. If the image is too poor a quality, this just means the client will pay a little more to achieve production ready art. Ideally the format we request will be vector form, such as .EPS, .AI, .CDR, or ,PDF. We request bitmap designs from programs like photoshop to be created to the same scale it will be printed as. The reason for this is because if we have to manually enlarge the bitmap. This will produce more pixels which will make the print "fuzzy" looking. A raster image is the same as a bitmap, .BMP. .JPG. ,JPEG, .TIF, and .TIFF.

If you are not familiar with vector programs or do not know how to convert your artwork into vector, our art department can assist you for an added art fee. 

  • .JPG that needs to be enlarged (POOR)

  • .JPG that is to scale (BETTER)

  • .AI, .EPS, .CDR, OR .PDF that was designed as a vector (BEST)